My first-ever CD Little Green Apples was just released!  This CD features eleven of my original songs for voice and harp.  Other performers include Mark Dishong on keys, Darren Keith on drums, Michael Ronstadt (Linda's nephew) on cello, Ted Richardson on keyboard bass, my daughter Ellie Dishong on fiddle, and James Hamilton on percussion.  I've enjoyed working on this project with the amazing Ted Richardson, who has served as the producer, engineer, and masterer for this project.  I am very excited to share this music with you!

Here is what reviewers are saying about my CD Little Green Apples:

“I enjoyed your CD… I expected the usual stuff that one finds in this know, generic instrumental arrangements that ultimately encourage deep sleep! But your CD was a little pop, a little classic with intriguing vocals. Some of the tunes reminded me of Kate Bush--complex and compelling, with a little pinch of irony.”

–Chris Hensley, Marketing and Project Developer for EMI, BMG, and RCA Records


“New Jersey-based harpist, vocalist, and songwriter, Laura Dishong, has recently released her latest album, Little Green Apples. Recorded by Ted Richardson and featuring a notable cast of players... Little Green Apples is playful, whimsical, and moving.

There were a few stand out tracks for me, the first being... “Heaven Can Wait.” This song has some really powerful lyrics and demonstrate Dishong’s strength as a songwriter:

Live your life before it’s too late

Heaven Can Wait

Find Joy, Make Time for Mirth

Maybe your Heaven is right here on Earth

Take Time for Living

Forgetting and Forgiving

“Ode to a Smartphone” is also really well done in that it expresses a sentiment not often expressed in modern music- that our devices could actually be isolating us more than connecting us. It’s surprising that we don’t hear more songs on this topic. (I guess most indie artists dream of being endorsed by the smartphone companies, so perhaps that’s why they steer clear of pushing buttons! No pun intended.) But well done, Laura. I wholeheartedly agree with you on this topic.

As far as composition goes, “My Heart Has Wings Like A Dove” may be my favorite song on Little Green Apples. I love that it’s a waltz and the format is perfect for the subject matter of the song; it gives it wings.”

-Jennifer Logue, Rock on Philly Blogger