Harp Springs Eternal

It's a snowy February evening, but as I update my website, I can feel spring bursting out all over! There are so many cool events coming up, and I'm excited to see you there!

I just played a packed house at Harvest Seasonal Grill at Moorestown Mall last week, and I'm looking forward to playing Easter and Mother's Day Brunches there as well (more details to come). It was a blast to see so many friendly faces, and I had fun pushing the boundaries of my instrument. One of the highlights was when a young guy came over to thank me for playing the Game of Thrones theme and we high-fived! I played everything from Pachebel to Pearl Jam! The expressions of disbelief on people's faces made it all worthwhile. It's so much fun taking people by surprise. I always enjoy sharing the music that I love with others.

My next challenge is to play a program of Welsh Music for the Welsh Heritage Festival on Sunday, March 3rd at the Griffith Morgan House in Pennsauken,NJ. My husband's family is Welsh, and though I probably have very little Welsh in me, I have taken to their music and culture because of him. The performance is in honor of St. David's Day, which is the Welsh version of St. Patrick's Day. For St. David's, one should wear red and green, and if you can find one, a daffodil should be tucked into your lapel. I'm always happy when St. David's Day comes, because it's a sing that we're inching closer to spring. The music of Wales is gorgeous to hear on the harp, and the harp is the national instrument of Wales, so it all fits together.

Speaking of St. Patrick's Day, I'll be playing the PBGC Auction in Philly the night prior to, and there will be Irish music streaming from my harp in all of its emerald glory! I'll be playing lots of other jazzy stuff as well. This is a really fun event and all the funds raised go to a great cause that is near and dear to my heart.

Also dear to my heart is my church, Saint Michael's Lutheran Church in Cherry Hill, NJ. My family and I will be performing for Saint Mike's on the Mic on Saturday, March 23 at 7 PM. This year's theme is the 1930s Radio Hour. Wow, there are some terrific songs from that decade that I can't wait to dig into! I think I was born too late! We'll be performing authentic radio plays as well, including "The Crazy Cat Lady". Hmm... I wonder if I'll be in that one? :-) Easter will be coming along a month after SMOM and the Dishong's will be busy with their musical offerings for Holy Week. I will update the site as I get more details. That is when I feel the music at church is at its most moving and poignant time, at least for me. I'm grateful to be able to offer my praise in song during Easter season, and all are welcome to share in God's gifts at our services at Saint Michael's during Holy Week or any time of year.

So let us all be hopeful and harp-full!

Happy Spring!



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